Maricann partners with AESI for hemp extraction in Germany 2 x 50L System

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Marican is pleased to announce that the first seeds will be planted today on its contract farmed 164 hectares (~405 acre) of agricultural land in Saxony, Germany, through Mariplant GmbH a 95% owned subsidiary of the Company focused on nutraceutical non-THC cannabis. The cultivation site is less than 30 minutes drive from the Company’s Ebersbach Campus, near Dresden, Germany.

The Ebersbach facility is currently under retrofit of 8,000 sq. m (86,111 sq. ft) separated from its Maricann GmbH operations, to accommodate drying equipment capable of processing 1,000 kg of wet cannabis per hour. Storage and extraction equipment from Advanced Extraction Systems (AES) will be utilized to process up to 200 kg of cannabis flowers per day.

Mariplant’s operation will focus on producing isolates of CBD and CBG, which are considered to be the most desirable cannabinoids. Maricann will add terpenoids and flavonoids in addition to its VesiSorb emulsion technology to create Mariplant products for distribution as food supplements across Germany and the greater European Union. Terpenoids and Flavonoids from Maricann’s Haxxon cultivation and extraction operation from feminized cannabis will be added to improve efficacy.

Ben Ward, CEO of Maricann stated, “We believe that this large scale outdoor cannabis cultivation and extraction operation has the potential to reduce our costs of production significantly, specifically for isolate CBD, CBN and CBG.  Through this initiative, we expect to be able to produce our own active ingredients for our products, reducing material costs of active ingredients for Mariplant products that we currently purchase from third parties. Our expectation is that this will result in a further competitive advantage for Mariplant, benefiting in a differentiated product through VesiSorb’s patented delivery technology, with the end result of value creation for Maricann shareholders”.

Mariplant is a standalone company in Germany registered for agriculture, with its General Manager Josef Spaeth who has the designation of registered farmer (Landwirt).

Mariplant will sell finished product VesiSorb gel capsules into the German market through its online shop

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