Advanced Extractions featured on the Globe and Mail

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Advanced Extraction has seen a similar increase in the size and complexity of the machines that customers are demanding. Its first cannabis extraction machine, which it sold to Canopy Growth Corp. in 2016, had three 25-litre vessels. Its most recent sale, to an undisclosed buyer, was a 400-litre machine employing four 100-litre vessels, said David Campbell, Advanced Extraction’s co-founder and chief operating officer. To put things into perspective:

A 2 X 15 litre system, “can process approximately 19,000 pounds a year of dried plant material,” according to Mr. Campbell.
A 4 X 100 litre system “can do 325,000 pounds of plant material a year."
“We’re quoting systems as large as 8 X 2000 litre… for the hemp industry, which is about to open up in the very near future in Canada,” Mr. Campbell added. “This is half the size of a football field, lengthwise.”

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