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Advanced Extraction Systems does not hide flow-rates or use confusing and misleading volumetric flow-rates. All of our systems come with a Coriolis mass-flow meter installed that sends live readings to the HMI panel.

You can always see true system performance with AESI.

Volume is a three-dimensional measure of the space a substance occupies.

Volumetric flow is the measure of a substance moving through a device over time. Common units of measure for volumetric flow rate are meters3/minute, liters/minute or feet3/hour.

The mass of gas that fits in a given volume, which is expressed by the density changes with pressure and temperature.

At high pressure, the density is higher than at lower pressure so more mass fits in a given volume.
On the other hand, at higher temperature less amount or mass of gas fits in the same volume at a given pressure.

See Chart:

The volume of 10kg of CO2 in Litres at 15°C (Low & High Pressure)


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