LEWA Diaphragm Pumps

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Longevity - Reliability - Performance

AESI spent an enormous amount of time carefully selecting a key supplier for our CO2 pumps.

We looked for the following criteria

  • In business for 30+ years
  • Impeccable track record
  • Familiar with Supercritical CO<sub>2</sub> processes
  • Service and support worldwide
  • High flow-rates
  • High pressure and temperature limits
  • Scalability
  • Diaphragm pumping system

Our long list of requirements was met by only one supplier. LEWA-Nikkiso of America. They have been an industry leader for almost 70 years providing quality diaphragm pumps on a global scale.

    LEWA diaphragm pumps are proven to have the highest efficiency of all other pump technologies.

    • Hermetically Tight

      Diaphragm style pumps operate without dynamic seals by design. This will allow a hermetically tight working area, resulting in zero external emissions and contamination of the process fluid is impossible.

    • Maximum Protection

      LEWA's patented sandwich diaphragm is very durable and very well protected. LEWA's diaphragm protection system includes an onboard diaphragm monitoring system that prevents tearing of the diaphragm during normal operation, as well as ensuring the pump fluid is not contaminated.

    • Compact Design

      LEWA engineered design allows for an extremely light and space saving pump system. This allows for maximum performance in minimum space.

    • Low Life-Cycle Cost

      All components on the pump are designed to run for decades with suprisingly low maintenance and operating costs. There are LEWA pumps operating for 40+ years with only regular maintenance intervals.

    • Worldwide support

      LEWA reaches across the globe. Spare parts and professional support is available everywhere.

    • Special Suction Design

      LEWA diaphragm pumps are destinguished from the competition due to their unique suction ability. Absolute suction pressure up to 0.1 bar, it provides a large range of safe installation configurations while having a lower operating cost compared to other pump styles.

    Fewest moving parts
    Lowest maintenance
    Highest performance

      Read more at LEWA-Nikkiso America

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