From dried plant to purified oil. AESI can provide the right CO2 extraction system for you, paired with curated ancillary PRE & POST extraction solutions.


Profession installation, commissioning and training available and performed by AESI engineers.
Service & preventative maintenance packages available. 24/7 worldwide support for when you need it the most.


Total in-house control of design & process. You work directly with the team developing and manufacturing your specific CO2 extraction system.


2 x 15L P5

105+ kg per day

Big brother to the 30P1.5. More pump flow-rate, more throughput.

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2 x 25L P10

210+ kg per day

A mid-size system with 25L vessels and major performance capabilities.

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2 x 50L P15

340+ kg per day

Modular 50L vessels with a very powerful 15kg/min flow-rate pump.

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2 x 15L P1.5

35+ kg per day

Double the extraction vessels, twice the flow-rate. Small but mighty.

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2 x 5L P1

25+ kg per day

Double the extraction vessels, twice the flow-rate. Small but mighty.

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AESI offers a full suite of solutions to compliment our CO2 systems.
Before, during, or after extraction, AESI has the best solutions to bring you to your desired final product.


Proper milling of cannabis & hemp biomass to a consistent particle size optimized for extraction.

(Vacuum Oven)

Heating dried cannabis or hemp to activate the cannabinoids within its buds, trim, leaves, or kief. This is done under vacuum to prevent oxidization. This step is optional, and can be done before or after extraction.

CO2 Extraction
(Sub & Supercritical)

Ground plant material can be loaded into easy to swap cartridges (baskets) or directly into the extraction vessels. Supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) is flowed through the material with precise control, extracting the desired cannabinoid compounds in a crude oil format.

(Freezing & Filtration)

The removal of fats & lipids from crude oil extract. This creates a higher purity of cannabinoids. This process involves dissolving a solvent in the crude oil and freezing at sub-zero temperatures, causing the fats & lipids to crystalize for easy filtration.

Rotary Evaporation
(Solvent Recovery)

Heating of the winterized oil to gently evaporate the solvent without damaging the valuable cannabinoids, increasing the overall purity of targeted cannabinoids.


Heats the cannabis oil to a specific temperature to evaporate the desired cannabinoid from the oil without degrading it, then condensing the cannabinoid vapor back into a liquid, increasing potency to its maximum.


PharmaRolly is lucky to have chosen such a professional and high quality company that was able to meet our team’s strict demands. Adhering to EU GMP guidelines is a task that most cannabis related firms in the US and Canada are still getting up to speed with. It was a pleasure working with a company that not only stuck to the strict timeline but that gave attention to every detailed request from our team.


We started an exhaustive assessment process of various manufacturers with very tight timeline to provide information allowing Organigram to effectively compare equipment available on the market. AESI was able to provide answers to our request for proposal well within our timeline, with clear descriptions addressing our specifications. Construction and delivery of the unit was completed within the expected timeline. Your knowledge in ensuring the equipment met all provincial pressure vessel regulations was key to make this happen. The first few extractions yielded a beautiful product. You and your team have been very professional and have been available to answer questions we had throughout the project. We are very pleased to have acquired this unit from Advanced Extraction Systems.


The relationship with Advanced Extraction Systems has been excellent to date. AESI provides a two-fold approach, providing the equipment and training necessary to ensure that the process is performed as safely and efficiently as possible. Having them so close to our facility has allowed us to cultivate a great relationship; one that we look forward to continuing as we progress in the area of cannabis extracts.



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