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Dear David,

I wanted to take this opportunity to provide you and your team with feedback on the process to assess your Super Critical Fluid Extraction (SFE) technology, up to the installation of the unit at Organigram for the purpose to extract cannabinoids in our plant material.

As you may recall, in April 2017, we had started an exhaustive assessment process of various manufacturers with very tight timeline to provide information allowing Organigram to effectively compare equipment available on the market.  AES was able to provide answers to our request for proposal well within our timeline, with clear descriptions addressing our specifications.  As you were able to provide us with access to current units in operations and a client list, we were able to determine your ability to deliver on our requirements.

Construction and delivery of the unit was completed within the expected timeline – August 31, 2017.  Installation had been planned with support from our construction team following delivery.  Your installation team showed up to our facility and worked safely and diligently to ensure the unit would be fully functional for its initial commissioning cycle.  The unit was fully operational within 5 days, having passed the hydrostatic testing and all other equipment testing completed to validate the unit functionality.  Your knowledge in ensuring the equipment met all provincial pressure vessel regulations was key to make this happen.  Following the installation and testing of the SFE skid, we were able to schedule and complete the training for CIP and extraction procedures as planned – the first few extractions yielded a beautiful product.  While we have continue to work on optimizing yields, we were pleased with the initial extraction performance.

You and your team have been very professional and have been available to answer questions we had throughout the project.  We are very pleased to have acquired this unit from Advanced Extraction Systems.

Michel Robichaud


The relationship with Advanced Extraction Systems has been excellent to date. AES provides a two-fold approach, providing the equipment and training necessary to ensure that the process is performed as safely and efficiently as possible. Having them so close to our facility has allowed us to cultivate a great relationship; one that we look forward to continuing as we progress in the area of cannabis extracts

Alex Smith