We design and build high-performance, low-maintenance, fully-certified CO2 extraction solutions for multiple industries.

From commercial to lab scale.

In the decade AESI has been in operation we have successfully installed custom/bespoke solutions ranging from large scale commercial processors who focus on white labelling as well as their own product to smaller scale processors and lab scale solutions.

We can tailor a system to fit your needs.

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We design with reliability and quality at the forefront to ensure our customers get the maximum return for their business.

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We have an on-site lab where we can offer trial services to our customers.

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We have partnered with the industry’s leaders for post-harvest and post-extraction solutions.

These packages are custom-designed for each processor based on their needs/goals to fit their budget. Whether automation or manual production is your want, we can provide a package to be C/EUGMP compliant.

Milling (Grinding)

Proper grinding increases the surface area of the plant material, thereby making the extraction process more efficient. The goal is to achieve the right balance between creating the optimal particle size, reducing heat generation, and maximizing the surface area of the material for extraction.

(Vacuum Oven)

The process involves heating the material to activate these compounds by removing a carboxyl group, thus converting them from their acidic form (THCA, CBDA) to their active form (THC, CBD).

Decarboxylation can occur at different stages of the extraction process, including pre-extraction (dried biomass) and post-extraction (extracted oil).

CO2 Extraction
(Sub & Supercritical)

The ground material, which may or may not be decarboxylated, is placed in the extraction vessel of the supercritical CO2 extraction machine. The CO2 gas is heated and pressurized to reach either a ‘subcritical’ or ‘supercritical’ state.

In these states, the CO2 exhibits properties of both a liquid and a gas, making it an excellent solvent. This solvent is then circulated through the extraction vessel where it penetrates the plant material and dissolves the desired compounds.

(Freezing & Filtration)

The crude extract is combined with a high-proof alcohol, usually ethanol, in a specific ratio. This mixture is stirred until the extract is fully dissolved in the alcohol. The solution is then placed in a deep freezer for 24-48 hours.

During this freezing process, the temperature causes the waxes, fats, and lipids to coagulate and separate. After freezing, the solution is passed through filtration to remove the waxes, fats, and lipids.

Rotary Evaporation
(Solvent Recovery)

Winterized oil is heated, which causes the ethanol to evaporate. The evaporated ethanol is then cooled and condensed back into a liquid state using a condenser. This process is essential as it allows the ethanol to be collected and reused, reducing waste and cost.

Distillation (Purification)

The post-winterized extract is heated, causing different compounds to evaporate at unique boiling points. These evaporated compounds travel up the distillation column, recondense into liquid form in the condenser, and are collected separately, resulting in a highly concentrated, purified cannabinoid product.

Crafting Quality with Our Own Gear—From Our Lab to Your Love.

To be experts, you must put into practice what you sell—that’s how Retro Extracts was born in 2019.

Using AESI technology, Retro produces some of the finest craft cannabis and hemp extracts for the legal Canadian cannabis market. Having this company in our building gives us an advantage that our partners can utilize as we know firsthand how to build a successful THC/CBD extract company.

Talk to us about consulting services and brand licensing options.

Cannabis & Hemp

As a leading provider of extraction technology, we specialize in the production of high-quality cannabis and hemp extracts. Leveraging advanced extraction methods, we offer efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly solutions resulting in pure, potent extracts. We cater to all extraction stages and are committed to empowering businesses to achieve high-quality, consistent, and high-yield cannabis and hemp extract products.


We provide cutting-edge extraction systems and solutions tailored to the cosmetics industry, offering clean and efficient extraction processes. Our technology allows isolation of high-purity compounds from diverse raw materials, meeting the stringent standards of the cosmetics industry and aiding in the development of natural, effective, and safe cosmetic products.


Our robust extraction solutions cater to the nutraceutical sector, enabling extraction of high-purity, high-potency compounds from a wide array of natural sources. Our technology ensures the production of consistent, high-quality extracts that meet the rigorous standards of the nutraceutical industry.


Our advanced extraction solutions enable efficient extraction of high-quality compounds from various aquatic sources. This technology promotes aquaculture health and productivity by producing nutrient-rich, pure extracts. Our process covers everything from extracting beneficial oils and nutrients for fish feed to isolating bioactive compounds for disease treatment.

Food & Beverage

Leveraging advanced supercritical CO2 extraction methods, we enable efficient extraction of high-quality, flavorful, and nutritious compounds from a vast range of raw materials. Our technology ensures production of clean, pure extracts that meet the stringent safety and quality standards of the food and beverage industry.

Other Industries

Our innovative technology is designed to deliver consistent, high-quality extracts for various sectors, including pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and biofuel production. We always ensure our extracts are perfect for industries with stringent quality requirements.

We value our relationships with our third-party partners.

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